Is “Fall Guys” the Best Free Video Game?

Fall Guys Game Review

Title: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Platform: Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

Cost: Free (in-game optional purchases)

Released: August 4, 2020

Developer: Mediatonic


Fall Guys is a battle royale style game with bright, fun graphics. Up to 60 online players play each session, racing to survive to the next round. Each session includes around 5 levels with players being eliminated each round. These games include classic obstacle courses, memory games, tag, and sports games.

My Thoughts:

I was late to the game when it comes to Fall Guys. In 2020, I watched gameplay videos on YouTube, but I never took the plunge to play it myself. Now that the game is free to download, it was the perfect time to try it out. This game has brought me so much joy while simultaneously stressing me out and raising my blood pressure immeasurably. I love that this game is cross platform so I can play on the Playstation while my friend plays on their Nintendo Switch. 

This game allows you to play online with up to four people you invite. Fall Guys is also fun to watch others play as a party game. There are plenty of levels with different variations that make the game more challenging the more you play and pass courses. 

While the game now comes at no cost, there are in-game purchases. You can buy new colors for your character, new patterns, or new costumes. It is a very cute aspect to the game that helps keep it fresh. 

There are also different game modes. You can play a solo level where you are on your own to pass the levels. You can also play in duo mode, where you have one other online player that you rely on to qualify for the next round. You can also play in the squad mode, where you have three other online players in your team. 

My favorite levels are the traditional obstacle courses. I think racing to the finish line in this game makes for the most fun and gives the most comedic moments. My least favorite level is Volley Fall. I can never get the hang of it and it ruins my mood every time it comes up. 

While I think it’s great that there are harder levels to keep the game interesting, I wish there was a way to select a difficulty setting manually. When you share an account with someone, you will likely not be at the same level. This makes it difficult to introduce new people to the game because their chance of qualifying in the harder mazes as a beginner are lower than the original levels.

I am a big fan of this game, especially playing online with friends and having the ability to attach a microphone to talk through the level. With the new free price tag, this is a hard game to pass up. 

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