Five Writing Prompts You Need to Try

My Favorite Writing Prompts

A couple of years ago, I was gifted a book of 301 writing ideas. I am still working my way through the book to this day. It is filled with so many fantastic writing prompts that are eye-opening and help tell you more about yourself. The book is 301 Writing Ideas: Creative Prompts to Inspire Prose (Volume 2) (Creative Keepsakes, 2) by Chartwell Books. It is available on amazon for $9.99. This book is a great gift for any writers or anybody who has wanted to start journaling, but does not know what to write about. 

Here are five of my favorite prompts in the book:

  • Prompt #17    “Write about a song that reminds you of a time from childhood.”

This prompt was a lot of fun to think about and brought back so many sweet memories from my childhood. Picking one song to write about was actually difficult. 

  • Prompt #61    “Should people be given second chances?”

This was one of the prompts that opened my eyes to how much life experiences can change you. The answer I wrote to this question when I was first gifted the book is completely different to how I would answer it now. 

  • Prompt #146  “Is hate or love a more powerful motivator?”

If I hadn’t read this prompt, I never would have thought about this question. 

  • Prompt #159  “Has there ever been a time that you doubted yourself? If yes, write about your experience. If no, describe whether or not you believe this has helped you or hurt you in life.”

This prompt is a great one to fill out and keep in a journal where you can look back at it. 

  • Prompt #185  “Write a short paragraph of advice to someone who has recently had their heart broken.”

If you are going to use one of the prompts on this list, I would highly recommend this one. I filled it out while I was healing from a heartbreak myself. Looking back, I’m glad I wrote about it while the feelings were still raw. Someone in your life is going to go through another heartbreak in the future; whether it is your best friend or yourself. This is a great way to become better prepared for it when it comes. 

Do you have a favorite writing prompt? Feel free to share it in the comments!


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