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What You Need to Watch on Netflix This Halloween

What to Watch on Netflix This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner! Now is the time to hide under the covers with a show or movie perfect for the season. Whether you are a horror fanatic or looking for a movie that will not give you nightmares, here are some things you can watch this month:

  1. Unfriended

I am not a huge horror movie fan. I tend to get scared easily, especially when I am watching movies alone at night. Unfriended was a movie creepy enough to get in the spirit of Halloween while simultaneously being tame enough to allow me to sleep at night. You will probably avoid video chatting your friends for a few days after this movie, but it is perfect for an October viewing. 

  1. Hush

Hush was a little too scary for me to watch on my own, but it is also a movie to appreciate from a technical standpoint. The main character is a deaf writer who spends the entirety of the movie in a cabin in the woods. This setting is the perfect recipe for a creepy movie sure to send shivers down your spine. 

  1. Shrek’s Swamp Stories

If you are looking for something more light and fuzzy, you can never go wrong with Shrek. This Halloween special captures the nostalgic feel of the original Shrek movie. Why not revisit your favorite characters on Halloween weekend with some candy and hot chocolate?

  1. Supernatural

Whether you have never seen an episode of Supernatural or have watched the entire series ten times, this is your sign to watch season one again. This show was made for Halloween. It will give you the creeps, make you laugh, and make you lie awake at night wondering if the storylines could possibly be real in our lives. 

  1. The Walking Dead

The first time I sat down to watch The Walking Dead was at the end of October 2017. You can’t go wrong with a zombie apocalypse story during this time of year. I will warn you ahead of time— you cannot watch just one episode of this show. If you decide to turn on The Walking Dead, you are making a commitment to The Walking Dead. 

  1. Squid Game

While Squid Game does not have any zombies, vampires, or goblins, it does have a chilling atmosphere that is perfect for the season. If you have not yet watched the show, now is the time to do it. This show is a mix of The Hunger Games and the reality television show Big Brother. 

  1. Black Summer

If you are looking for a shorter show about a zombie apocalypse, Black Summer is only 16 episodes long. This show takes place at the very beginning of the apocalypse. If you enjoy chaos, you will like this show. 

  1. Dahmer- Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

This series was released at the perfect time. The fact that this is a true story makes the entire experience far scarier than any blockbuster movie. This series does have graphic content, so I would not recommend it to the faint of heart. However, if you are interested in true crime / criminal justice, you will find this series captivating. 

  1. Scooby-Doo

For a family friendly option, Scooby-Doo is the perfect movie for you. This live action movie from 2002 is enjoyable and perfect for Halloween night. It captures the essence of Halloween without giving you the desire to hide inside for the week. After all, how can you go wrong with a movie about a talking dog?

  1. Bird Box

Bird Box was extremely popular when it came out in 2018. This mysterious film follows a group of survivors struggling to figure out how to fight an unknown presence. This presence is known to drive people who lay eyes on it to committing suicide. This causes the survivors to cover their eyes to prevent being exposed to the presence. 

  1. Megamind

Megamind is also not a Halloween movie, but I love watching it during this time of year. The story follows the perspective of a villain, so I find it to be fitting for the season. Really this is just one of my favorite movies that I never get tired of. If you are looking for a good laugh, I highly recommend Megamind. 

  1. IT

It is a bonus on this list since I have never actually watched this movie. I just find clowns creepy in general. If you are like me, this movie is sure to scare you. The movie trailer alone was enough to get me to turn off my laptop. 

What is you favorite Halloween show / movie? Let me know in the comments!


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