My Perfect Cozy Night In – Halloween/ Autumn

The air gets cooler.

The leaves change colors.

Life gets better.

Personally, Fall is my favorite season of the year. My perfect cozy night in, or lazy day, during Autumn looks like this:

1.) Hot Chocolate

The first ingredient to my perfect night in is a mug of hot chocolate. Add some marshmallows or whipped cream and the night gets ten times better.

2.) A Blanket

My go-to blanket for cozy nights is my fleece blanket from Victoria’s Secret.

3.) Cookies

Or brownies. Or any snack will do.

4.) Fire

Turn off the lights and turn on the fireplace to perfect the atmosphere.

5.) Netflix

More specifically- Criminal Minds. I may be addicted at this point . . . but I’m okay with that.


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