“Move Forward” – Poem

It is impossible to change the past,

the leaves have already fallen,

your footsteps have already imprinted the purity of the fresh snowfall,

the words have already escaped your chapped lips.

It cannot be undone now,

but your next reaction is in your control.

Do not dare to weep at the demise of the hot summer.

Go outside, with trembling hands and a red nose,

and jump into a pile of leaves,

or initiate a snowball fight.

Unleash your inner child

you have neglected for so long.

Your boots have broken the seal-

the child, pale barrier trapping you inside.

Realize that beauty is not equivalent to perfection.

Even a broken mirror

can be made into a mosaic.

What is said has been said-

whether you meant it or not.

This should not scare you

from singing your heart out

and letting your deepest emotions erupt from your veins.

Live and learn,

move past your mistakes.

Forgive others when they deserve it-

for they are growing up too

and may be looking up to you.

Winter will always lead to Spring.

School will always kill the freedom of Summer.

Make a difference in the times that you can.


~ Ashley O’Hare


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