“The First Day of School” – Poem

Remember that warm September day?

When we were younger-

our stress at bay.

It was the start

before the end.

Out last chance

to be kids again.

Your tanned cheeks,

illuminated in the light peeking throughout the the open blinds,

were reminders of the summer

that we were leaving behind.

Fourteen and ready to take on the world.

If only we weren’t obligated

to return to the underworld.

Happiness seemed abundant then-

brought on by the chirping birds

and the smell of sunscreen.

But winter came and tore it all away,

covering smiles with exams

that would only be shoved into files- never to be seen again.

We’ll get through the pain

just as we always do.

We’ll make it through the year

with maybe a brain cell to spare or two.

~ Ashley O’Hare


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